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External Resources

We have quite a few tutorials and many more in the works but the more the merrier! Game development is hard enough so we have a list of all external resources we know about that might help you understand, or work with, Steam easier.

Video Tutorials

'Godot + Steam Tutorial' by BluePhoenixGames

'Godot Tutorial: GodotSteam Lobby System' by DawnsCrow Games

'Integrating Steamworks' by FinePointCGI

'GodotSteam Series' by Gwizz

'GodotSteam and SteamMultiplayerPeer' by Michael Macha

'Godot + Steam | How To Upload To Steam + Add Achievements' by BluePhoenixGames

Godot Networking + Steam

'GodotSteamHL' by JDare

'SteamMultiplayer GDExtension' by ScriptsEngineer

Text Tutorials

'Integrating Steam Input with Godot 4' by Furd

'GodotSteam: How To Upload and Download UGC' by Forgotten Dream Games

'Godot Auto Export' by Mr.Eliptik

'GodotSteam and SteamMultiplayerPeer' by Michael Macha

Valve's Official Steamworks SDK Site

Debugging Resources

'Debugging the Steamworks API' by Valve

'How to debug Windows games on Steam Deck' by Valve

'Overview of debugging tools' by Godot

'Steam Upload GUI' by RPicster

'Godot Steam Devkit Notifier' by tuc0w

'Godot4 - Deploy To SteamOS' by

C-Sharp Tools

'GodotSteam C# Bindings' by

Other Steam APIs For Godot

'Godot-Steam-API' by SamsFace

'EIRTeam.Steamworks' by EIRTeam

'Godot Steam Audio' by stechyo

Know Of More?

If you make tutorials or guides related to GodotSteam, or just know of some we missed, please feel free to send them in by e-mail to [email protected] or just submit a pull-request to our documentation repo!