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Godot 4.x GDExtension Change-Log

A history of all changes to the gdextension branch.

Version 4.2.4 Changes

  • Added: new Input callback input_gamepad_slot_change
  • Added: new User callback get_ticket_for_web_api
  • Added: new User function getAuthTicketForWebApi
  • Changed: getAuthSessionTicket argument is now optional, defaults to NULL

Version 4.2.3 Changes

  • Added: new return values for overlay_toggled; this will break compatibility with this
  • Added: new Input and Parental Settings enums
  • Added: new UGC Content Descriptor ID enums
  • Added: new UGC functions removeContentDescriptor, addContentDescriptor, and getQueryUGCContentDescriptors
  • Added: new signal filter_text_dictionary_changed
  • Changed: getAuthSessionTicket now uses networking identities
  • Changed: gamepad_text_input_dismissed now passes back the app ID
  • Changed: Steam Input max analog and digital actions values
  • Removed: ERegisterActivationCodeResult due to removal in SDK

Version 4.2.2 Changes

  • Changed: names of all godotsteam dll/so/dylib files to be less verbose

Version 4.2.1 Changes

  • Added: compiled dylib files for OSX, thanks to definitelyokay
  • Fixed: names of OSX files in the godotsteam.gdextension file

Version 4.2 Changes

  • Changed: brought the plug-in version up to speed with the module version