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Godot 4.x Change-Log

A history of all changes to the godot4 branch.

Note: when Godot 4.x goes stable, this branch will become the master branch and current master branch will become godot3.

Version 4.2 Changes

  • Added: various backports from Godot 3.x branch
  • Fixed: options array size for new Networking classes and memory leaks, thanks to profour
  • Fixed: need for file on some Linux systems, thanks to mikix

Version 4.1.5 Changes

  • Added: networking type message constants
  • Added: more descriptions and tutorial links to in-editor docs
  • Added: avatar_image_loaded callback to get raw response from Steamworks
  • Changed: brought 4.x branch up-to-speed with master / 3.x branch
  • Changed: enums now bound with BIND_ENUM_CONSTANT, thanks to raulsntos
  • Changed: bitwise enums now bound with BIND_ENUM_BITWISE_CONSTANT, thanks to raulsntos
  • Changed: platform of 'osx' to new 'macos'
  • Fixed: platform of 'osx' not being recognized so the module doesn't get added
  • Fixed: microtransaction_auth_response spelling for callback
  • Fixed: getLobbyData not returning UTF-8 encoded string
  • Fixed: sendLobbyChatMsg truncating non-English strings
  • Fixed: filterText truncating input; thanks to tcoxon
  • Removed: MarketingMessageFlags as they don't exist in the header files

Version 4.1.4 Changes

  • Changed: layout to make Git cloning easier
  • Changed: submitItemUpdate to use null if no notes are passed, thanks to mashumafi
  • Fixed: incorrect use of io failure
  • Fixed: DEFVAL type mismatch, thanks to raulsntos
  • Fixed: getSessionConnectionInfo using old networking struct
  • Removed: unused networking stricts

Version 4.1.3 Changes

  • Fixed: and SCsub so that Linux compiling will link Steam correctly

Version 4.1.2 Changes

  • Changed: brought branch up to speed with GodotSteam 3.17.4

Version 4.1.1 Changes

  • Fixed: wrong arch in SCsub file
  • Fixed: registering class in register_types.cpp

Version 4.1 Changes

  • Changed: brought branch up to speed with GodotSteam 3.17.1
  • Fixed: various small issues to get it running with Godot alpha 1

Version 4.0 Changes

  • Added: Initial build, highly experimental!