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GodotSteam Documentation

Welcome! On this site you can find everything from tutorials to resources to lists of functions and signals, and even games currently using GodotSteam. If you find any mistakes or have some additions to make, please check out our documentation repository here.

Download It

These downloads contain everything you need to start working with Steamworks. Previous versions of all branches can be found on Github.

Pre-compiled editors and template zips are self-contained and have everything you need to work with GodotSteam. The GDNative and GDExtension plug-ins require an official version of Godot Engine.

Compile It Yourself

Roll up your sleeves and build your own versions of GodotSteam. More instructions are available on each branch's readme page or up above under the Compiling tab.


If you are compiling the module, GDNative, or GDExtension version yourself, there are a few things you'll need to start working regardless of which flavor you decide to try out.

  • Steamworks SDK

    While we suggest the latest version of Valve's Steamworks SDK 1.59 or newer, the older versions work well too.

    Log In and Download The SDK

  • Godot Engine Source

    You will need the version that matches your GodotSteam version. Use the tags section in Github.

    Grab the Engine Source

Just make sure there are no compatibility breaks between the SDK and GodotSteam; usually noted in the readme's.

Quick Start

Have A Game Using GodotSteam?

Finally got your Steam store page up? Whether you are about to release your game, already did, or are just tinkering away at it, you have your game added to the list of Games Using GodotSteam section.

  • E-Mail Your Game

    Please include your Steam store page and up to five additional links like social platforms, Discord invite links, development website, devlog, or anything relevant to your game or studio.

    Get To Typing

  • PR Submit Your Game

    You can create your own entry in our documentation by submitting a pull request on Github. Make sure not to add any more than six additional links. You can view other entries to see how the submission should be formatted.

    Create A Pull Request

Need Support?

  • Github Issues

    These should only be used for actual bugs in the project. Please direct questions to either an e-mail or Discord.

    Create An Issue

  • By E-Mail

    Send me an e-mail with as many details as you can about your issue. Unless you are just saying hi.

    Send A Support E-Mail

  • Community Support

    A bunch of really smart folks can usually help out with issues; especially things like MultiplayerPeer.

    Chat With Us On Discord

Contributing and Donating

Want to help out? There are a few ways and all of them get you listed in our contributors section. Yes, even for tiny corrections.

  • Pull Requests

    A huge help is the contributions of fixes and additions through pull-requests on GitHub.

    All GodotSteam Repos

    Check Out Our To-Do List

  • Donations

    You can provide donations for the project through Github Sponsors. One-time or reoccuring donors get a variety of perks like access to our sponsors-only repo, special Discord roles, and my undying love.

    GitHub Sponsors