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Tutorials - C

Every so often we get someone who asks how to use GodotSteam with C# so I figured I would write this up. First and foremost, I have never used C# so my understanding of it is prety much null and void.

What's Mono?

To the point, GodotSteam does not have a C# version. I tried once or twice to compile a version with Mono and it failed; I have yet to attempt this again. However, anyone and everyone is welcome to make that work and submit a pull request for it!


Another user from the Discord, jolexxa, mentions this advice:

"My current recommendation is to use GodotSteam as a GDExtension and write 'glue' code in GDScript that can be called from C# to interface with Steam. Definitely a little overhead to doing that but it shouldn't be much worse that interfacing with the engine normally from C#."

Other Resources

More often than not, I will refer C# users to one of two wonderful libraries for Steamworks and C#:

I have no idea how you actually integrate these with Godot but some members of our Discord do. I will try reaching out to them at some point for additions to this tutorial.