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Tutorials - C-Sharp

Every so often we get someone who asks how to use GodotSteam with C# so I figured I would write this up. First and foremost, I have never used C# so my understanding of it is prety much null and void.

Where's The Mono Build?

To the point, GodotSteam does not have a C# version currently. I am in the process of adding said builds to our Github Actions list so we can start producing them with every update!


Thankfully, for those of you using the GDExtension version of the project, there is a lovely project that will help! Thanks to LauraWebdev, we have this cool plug-in: [GodtoSteam C# Bindings]]({ target="_blank" }

While I am still trying to get up to speed on all this C# business, you can read more about how it works on Github. There are even some excellent pieces of example code!

Other Resources

The awesome folks at Chickensoft are all about C#, visit them here or at their Discord:

Chickensoft Website

Chickensoft Discord

More often than not, I will refer C# users to one of two wonderful libraries for Steamworks and C#:

Facepunch.Steamworks by the makers of Rust and Garry's Mod

Steamworks.NET by the super-nice Riley Labrecque

I have no idea how you actually integrate these with Godot but some members of our Discord do. I will try reaching out to them at some point for additions to this tutorial.